Why you should be a Foto-Buzzer (by people who already are)

Here's what some of our Foto-Buzzers have to say about their community. Everyone here is a genuine member giving their honest opinion on what it is about FotoBuzz that keeps them coming back for more...

Shaun Pugh, UK "Foto-Buzz has really changed the way I think about my photography. I'd had cameras for many years but had really reached a plateau; my photos were more casual 'snaps' than proper photos and buying new kit didn't really seem to improve the quality of my photos either. FotoBuzz has inspired me, given me a way of getting constructive feedback and has excellent content. The best thing about Foto-Buzz however, are the people. It's a fantastic community that allows you to be as involved as you want to be and the focus is on creativity and fun."

Jean Hollis, UK "Foto-Buzz has given me access to endless articles on all sorts of photographic aspects and techniques. It has given me the incentive to learn and venture out more, both on my own or as part of a group. In particular, Foto-Buzz has given me the opportunity to sign up to meetups and travel to places I may never have considered going to before. It's been a unique experience of becoming a member of a great bunch of enthusiastic photographers and forging friendships across the whole country. A Foto-Buzz membership is a necessity for me."

Laura Galbraith, UK "I love how Foto-Buzz provides access to experts. How else can you get guys like this to directly answer your questions, give you hints and tips, set you challenges, take you way out of your comfort zone and as a result make you that bit better a photographer? A Foto-Buzz membership opens up a whole world of opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else."

Jerry Burgan, UK "The community is very sociable and cooperative. I find the members are extraordinarily helpful to each other, open, relaxed and thoroughly friendly. This makes the meetups something to look forward to in addition to the fact we learn a great deal from our mentors too! The Foto-Buzz learning zone, the member blogs, videos, meetup reports, and FotoMissions are brilliant for educating and stretching us."

Tom Dullage, UK "The attraction of Foto-Buzz is the community. It has such a friendly feel with a chatty lounge and lots of opportunities to meet like-minded people. The Fotoskool and Fotostory articles are much more indepth than elsewhere and they have already built-up into a very useful archive."

Rosemary Jackson, France "I’m a passionate photographer and Brit living in a non-English speaking country. Photography is complicated enough in my own language…. happily I discovered Foto-Buzz! Just a click away, I can ask for photo advice or critiques, chat to members on the lounge, learn from the experts, read inspirational articles, post a blog and best of all, feel surrounded by enthusiastic, friendly, honest and positive photographers. It's a bit like having my fellow photographic friends around the corner! If you want to feel part of a thriving photographic community, no matter where you live, I can’t recommend Foto-Buzz highly enough - it’s worth every penny of the membership fee." 

Kim Taylor, UK "There are regular videos and articles from the pros and member recommendations of places to visit that are good for photography. In particular, I love the regular FotoMission competitions on set themes. These really make you think creatively and push you outside your normal boundaries. I've found that Foto-Buzz is a friendly and welcoming community to all." 

Victoria Caseley, New Zealand "I live in New Zealand and have found Foto-Buzz much, much better than any photo club, magazine or book. It’s all three combined and so much more, with loads of useful advice and a great bunch of people. This is an amazing on-line photography based community, where everyone is always ready to assist. Being a member here has not only improved my photography but I've made loads of great friends across the globe. I can't recommended this community highly enough." 

Mary Gilbert, UK "My photography has improved in leaps and bounds as a direct result of my Foto-Buzz membership. I learn by watching rather than reading so meetups, both formal and informal, are perfect. The meetups themselves are a terrific way to have a break with like-minded people, especially when going to some more exotic locations. Knowing there will be a pro to guide means I can sign-up with confidence. The Learning Zone is also a phenomenal resource for all abilities and genres and I dip in and out before going on holiday or trying a new or unfamiliar technique."

Jayne Gough, UK "When I started meeting up with other Foto-Buzz members - what a great and generous bunch of people. Add in all the tutorials that are easy to follow and they always have good examples to back up the skills being explained. Being able to access the diaries of trips and then follow the workflow of the images helps to cement the skills learnt through the tutorials. When it comes down to it, the combination experts and all the members makes Foto-Buzz a unique resource."

Phil Abraham, UK "Foto-Buzz isn't just a forum or just a club; it's a real community. With members ranging from novice to pro and everything between, it provides a safe environment to gain and practice your skills. With the membership photographing a diverse range of subjects there is always someone to assist you when the image you strive for just can't be captured. The professionally produced content also has something for everyone. The meetups are great opportunities to see the world through other photographer's eyes, guided by a professional but also learning new ways of seeing the familiar from your fellow community members."


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