Flexline is pleased to present the world’s ONLY spring counter-balanced double ball head.
No more worry about your valuable kit flipping over.
It makes tripod heads sexy for the first time.
We make your heavy kit feel weightless!

Here's what the patented FlexLine spring counter-balance double ball heads will do for you:

Weightless - The next generation heads utilise the patented spring counter-balance system to hold long lenses and a wide range of kit weightlessly in place. Think of it as positive balance. It ensures that your heavy lens stays exactly where you leave it as long as it's balanced correctly.

No image creep- No more locking up your tripod head and having your precious composition vanish out of the frame. The patented technology ensures no more image creep as we value your compositions.

Horizon levelling- FlexLine heads allow to you quickly and reliably set a level horizon.

Customisable friction- The main head sits in a plastic collar so it's friction can be easily adjusted to suit the gear used and the individual photographer. That means both balls have independent friction control so can be used as a traditional ball head if required.

Low angle design- the head is very low profile which is great for low angle shooting, but it also minimises all vibrations too as the lens / camera is close to the tripod. The PRO head only weighs 600g too!

Multi-functional plate - sitting proudly on top of our head is a special universal Arca-Swiss mounting plate. You can either attach a camera directly or a long lens via its foot, giving you one head for ALL your kit. FlexLine also make a range of ultra slim low angle plates called BigFoot that give a lower centre of gravity

You get all these features above for a great price, it's perfect for all genres of photographer and we have proud Flexline owners, professional and amateur, using Flexline heads for wildlife, landscape, wedding, portrait, macro, reportage, travel and aviation photography.
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Flexline Heads in Action!

"Ever since I saw the first prototype I have been the evangelist for these amazing heads. They work. They give me flexibility in a durable and portable head, where I can trust it 100% to hold my kit on place. Whether I am shooting landscapes with a 24mm lens or tigers with a 600mm lens, I can trust the heads 100% to hold my kit on place, poised and ready for action, no wasted time locking up, no compromise. I have taken my Flexline system around the world, as you can see below.
It's been amazing everywhere I have used it, holding long lenses in place perfectly balanced without lockup or keeping my landscape compositions intact when I do need to lock up the head. With the PRO head weighing only 0.6KG and the EXTREME only 1.1KG, it's perfect for travel."

Andy Rouse - Wildlife Photographer

Landscapes in Antarctica

Mountain Hares in a Scottish blizzard

Mountain Lions in Chile

Hide work in Bulgaria

Landscapes in Chile

Pelicans in Greece