The creator of FlexShooter ball-heads studied to be a maths-physics teacher in his younger years and, as a keen sport pilot, was a member of the Hungarian Aerobatic Team. He then worked in the family manufacturing business designing and creating metal furniture. At the same time he developed his love for wildlife photography and in 2007 won the prestigious Nature Photographer of the Year in his native Hungary. With his longing for perfection in flying aerobatic manoeuvres, or in taking that perfect wildlife image, it was not a surprise that he would turn his talents to designing innovative solutions for photographers worldwide.

Struggling to find the perfect tripod-head to take on his photographic expeditions worldwide, he became one of the inventors of the  double ball-head. He discovered that he could combine his passion for manufacturing with his love of solving mechanical problems together to produce something amazing for photographers. Always wanting to strive for perfection, he kept working on new ideas, striving for the perfectly working flawless design and using 3D Geometry to create the most aesthetic and practical shape. 

The FlexShooter product range is the result of all this hard work, a fusion of innovative patented technology with sound manufacturing principles.


"We may never achieve perfection, but by chasing it, we can be so close, that sometime it seems we are there. Then, we find the faults and set new challenges with their solutions. I wants to provide the most usable and flexible tripod-heads without compromise, so that photographers worldwide can forget about stability and concentrate on making great images. ~ Csaba Karai Hungary 2017