MKG Coventry

For the last 9 years Lee Taylor Karate has developed links with the group MKG Coventry and regularly invites them to run seminars at the Presteigne dojo. Lee feels it is an invaluable experience for his students to learn essential skills which compliments the LTK syllabus, from two of the UK's leading instructors. Lee is only a handful of people who is graded to 1st Dan Black and registered as an Affiliate Instructor with MKG Coventry. 

This group was founded by Al Peasland & Mick Tully to bring a new dimension to the world of Martial Arts and Self Defence. Focusing on the latest techniques and concepts MKG provides a fun and efficient way of learning effective skills that can better equip you to protect yourself in the event of a violent confrontation.

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Junior Session June 2017

Senior Session June 2017

Mick Tully

Mick Tully has over 25 years of uninterrupted training in the martial arts with some of the worlds best instructors and is also Al Peasland's long-time training partner. Mick now teaches weekly classes and seminars, his own take on self protection under the banner of MKG. Mick fully believes that his martial arts enriches all other areas of life, and is not just an insurance policy for when things kick off! Mick is fully qualified to teach his interpretation of his art which includes:- Kali/JKD, Muay Thai, CSW, Karate, Savate, Silat, Western Boxing and BJJ. Mick also teachs empty hand and weapons (blunt and edged)

Al Peasland

With 25 years of Reality Based martial arts training Al Peasland has brought together effective techniques from a wide range of arts and blended them into one self-protection system.In addition, with many years experience as a nightclub doorman, Al has put his own life on the line in order to pressure test all of the techniques and concepts taught.

Al Peasland

'I have known Lee for quite some time now and have been fortunate to train alongside him and have him as a student. The fact that Lee is prepared to take himself out of his comfort zone and enter into arenas outside of Karate is a credit to him. This attitude of openness and willingness to continue to search for more and add that to his own wealth of knowledge exemplifies everything I believe a true martial artist should be. Lee's passion for teaching and sharing his experience with his students is at the same high level as the material he teaches. I am proud to consider Lee a student, a fellow instructor and a friend and fully endorse anything Lee sets out to do within the world of Martial Arts and Self Defence.'