Confederate Chemicals Delivers Solutions on Time in the Quantity Customers Want


Our site situated in Newtown, Mid-Wales, manufactures all of our products with lead times weeks ahead of our competitors.

Confederate Chemicals blends liquid and powder mixes to order. Products are based on over 3000 proprietary formulations, long standing contract blending agreements and bespoke customer requests. We produce solutions for metal finishing including specialist stripping and coating products. We also serve the catering and hygiene markets


All of our clients receive on-site service and aftercare with our representatives. This also includes our laboratory services.

Proprietary solutions include both acid and non-methylene chloride paint strippers. Talk to us - we have several hundred paint and lacquer stripping solutions. We have formulated thousands of pre-treatment products. We produce corrosion inhibitors and de-rusting products. We make or work with partner companies to manufacture most types of metal surface finishing.