Metal Extrusions, Components and Jigs Stripping


Aluminium extrusion profiles and components require coating removal from rejects, to reprocess to another colour and to clean jigs.

Our preferred process to remove paint from aluminium extrusions and components is WR-STRIP. (European Patent 0860479) This is a low volatility stripping medium based on Benzyl Alcohol. It is designed to remove polyester and epoxy polyester powder coatings from most metals with minimal attack on the base metal. This is unlike some other benzyl alcohol based strippers which can attack alkali sensitive metals. Powder removal is in a sitably designed plant, with circulation and filtration. Removal is by a "disbonding" process which returns the polmerised coating to a powdered form ready for filtration usion a filter press.


Used at lower temperature (40-50°C) than other non Methylene Chloride Strippers

Less susceptible to loss by drag out on the work

Considerably less susceptible to loss by evaporation

No messy expensive oil seals are necessary to control fumes

Proven extended bath life

Much lower overall chemical Inhibited to minimise attack on Aluminium substrates

Strips more cleanly than Methylene Chloride based materials


Based on biodegradable solvents

Not classified as Toxic or Flammable unlike Methylene Chloride/Methanol based strippers

Does not contain Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane), Methanol, Phenol, 2-butoxyethanol, or Monoethanolamine

More acceptable to Water Authorities for rinse water disposal

When continuously filtered, there is much less expensive Hazardous Waste to dispose of

The constituents are not listed in EH/40 as having a maximum exposure limit, unlike Methylene Chloride

Very low VOC content as defined by the European Solvents Directive. No constituent has a risk phrase of R40, R45, R46, R49, R60 or R61

The need for expensive extraction is much less


The stripping of basic steel jigs is generally carried out  by several methods:

Pyrolysis: Burning off the paint in a controlled pyrolysis oven or using a fluidised and bed.

Caustic Stripping: Immersing the jigs in a highly concentated solution of caustic soda or potassium hydroxide at temperatures of above 85 C. The addition of solvent accelerators, often diphase(floats on top) or glycol based and alsio suitable surfactants will speed up the proess.

These methods are not applicable where you have more sophisticated jigs though. Where you have spring loaded tips which would anneal at oven temperature, or where the construction is complex and delicate. Where the jig is made from aluminium rather than steel Lastly, but importantly, where low temperatures with the lowest possible hzards are important.

WM STRIP is a cold dichloromethane based product, used for general purpose stripping of a wide range of finishes and also for jigs wheere the finish is regularly stripped. Operated with a water seal, WM STRIP is the preferred bond release paint stripper.

J STRIP: Is a powerful, Dichloro methane based product, used at room temperature, with FEDERSEAL wax seal to minimise evaporation. It has a highly efective acid based accelerator system for use on a wide range of finishes.

ASTRIP is a powerful, Dichloro methane based product, used at room temperature. A STRIP is used exclusively for polyester and epoxy polyester coatings. It works by disbonding the powdercoating & reducing it back to powder form. This an then be removed by filtration or by desludging. A STRIP successfully strips extrusions, components or jigs and leaves a passive surface.

EFX is an hydrofluoric acid accelerated,dichloromethane based stripper for components and jigs where either a wide range of coatings or difficult epoxy coatings are to be stripped.

WR STRIP is our UK patented alternative to Dichloromethane strippers for polyester and epoxy polyester coatings. Based on benzyl alcohol it operates at 45 - 50C withcirculation and filtration. WR STRIP disbonds the powder cvoating for ease of filtration.

BJ STRIP is a highly accelerated alternative to WR STRIP, used exclusively for jig stripping.

ALSTRIP EC. Originally developed for the removal of electrocoat from steel, ALSTRIP EC has extended to be one of our best selling products. Benzykl Alcohol based, it is highly effective at removing a wide range of coatings from a widerange of substrates, both components and jigs.

In addition, Confederate Cjhemicals manufacture a wide range of pre cleaners, acid pickles and dewatering/protection solutions which can be found on other pages on this site.