Metal Finishing Overview

Here at confederate Chemicals, we also regularly manufacture solutions to the metal finishing industry, including coatings, cleaners and etchants. We have a wide range of products to suit these industries so feel free to contact us to see what is best for you.

Phosphate and Chromate Coatings

Phosphate and Chromate coatings are essential in metal finishing to maintain a high quality finish to resist corrosion and degradation of the metal surface. We have a number of formulations including the Superfos and Federcrom ranges to provide high quality durable finishes.


Cleaners are a key part of any metal finishing process, as they prepare the surface for the application of a coating such as Superfos TN or Federcrom PC. We stock a range of both acidic and alkaline cleaners to suit your particular process, alongside de-rusting and de-watering solutions for ideal surface preparation.


Etching chemicals, sometimes referred to as pickles, prepare the surface after it has been cleaned to allow the coating to adhere perfectly. We stick a wide range of both acidic and alkaline etching solutions to suit your process perfectly and ensure a perfectly prepared surface ready for coating.