Alloy Wheel Stripping

Clean, Keyed, Paint-Ready Finish Like No Other.

Our solutions provide the best paint-ready finish for 99% of wheels in as little as 2 hours.

AL-Strip EC

Our flagship "one pot" non-methylene chloride product for the average stripping business.

AL-Strip EC is a heated benzyl alcohol based paint stripper and has been specifically designed as a low capital investment solution for small to medium operations. 

By composition, it contains no methylene chloride (DCM) which is now limited by the European Solvent Emissions Directive 1996 to 1 tonne per year.

Typical strip times for AL-Strip EC range between 1 and 4 hours dependent upon operating temperature and the condition of the wheel.

There is no requirement for additional machinery such as a filter press for systems containing AL-Strip EC, as the paint is lifted from the metal surface and not dissolved. 

Recommended use for AL-Strip EC is for businesses stripping up to 100 wheels per week per tank.

Note: AL-Strip EC is not suitable for magnesium wheels.

AL-Strip W

The tried and tested powerhouse.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, AL-Strip W is the bulletproof hot strip that has served many major wheel refurbishers throughout the UK.

Free from methylene chloride, AL-Strip W is recommended for high throughput work over 100 wheels per week per tank.

Maintenance for an AL-Strip W system is minimal and is carried out through the use of a filter press which will keep your chemical in check.

With a dedicated range of replenishment chemicals, an AL-Strip W tank can run indefinitely.


The fastest, most cost-effective way to strip wheels.

The original and arguably the quickest way to strip wheels, EFX is a solvent based cold stripper capable of stripping the vast majority of wheels in under two hours.

Containing methylene chloride and one of the strongest acids known to man, EFX has been specifically formulated to be aggressive.

Similar to AL-Strip EC, the paint is lifted from the surface of the metal, therefore requiring minimal extra input from the user, aside from adequate ventilation, no extra machinery is required.

Note: The European Solvent Emmissions Directive 1996 limits the use of Methylene Chloride-based chemicals to 1 tonne per year.