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Superior Surface Finishing Solutions

Across industry application

Safe Products is dedicated to supplying customers with premium surface preparation and finishing products that make a difference. Our expertise in developing polishing processes and finishing systems for various industries bring benefits to all our customers. Whether you work in Aerospace, Automotive, Furniture, Marine, Technology or are a Car Enthusiast, we are able to use our in-depth knowledge of an extensive product portfolio to improve your results and benefit your business.

We specialise in sourcing quality products that deliver outstanding results across a variety of different but equally demanding industries and processes. This extensive range of top class technical products means that we can confidently deliver the perfect solution for your surface preparation, finishing, and protection needs.

Key product sets include Abrasives, Compounds, Polishing Pads, Cloths and Wipes, Polishing Tools & Accessories, Technical Tapes, Protective Foams and Films, and general Cleaning and Care (valeting) products. 

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