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Superior Surface Finishing Solutions

Range of quality Abrasives

Safe Products can select from an extensive range of specialist abrasive pads for all manner of tasks in the preparation of painted surfaces. Use Genius Crystal, Genius Purple, Genius Brite, Genius Super Soft, Tamex and SP SoftFlex.

We also have our highly popular and successful SP Abrasive Foam Pad range with abrasives to suit Sanding, Blending and Finishing. The ground-breaking SP range of abrasives were developed specifically for Bodyshop and industrial tasks. Each pad can be used for a multitude of application, by hand or with an orbital sander - wet or dry. High performance, versatile and fast they provide exceptional durability and are extremely cost-effective. Contact us today for more information on 01780 721460


Bodyshop all around the UK swear by our highly effective SP Abrasive range finding they save time, save money and give outstanding results.