Large range of high quality products

At Safe Products we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers a carefully-selected specialist product portfolio. All the products we have are tested for quality and performance, provide value-for-money and conform to technical and legal specifications where relevant. 

Our comprehensive, high performance range includes compounding and refinishing polishes, polishing pads, abrasive discs and pads, technical wipes, protective coatings, protection foam and technical tapes. 

We are constantly developing new, specific, end-use products to meet and exceed the needs of clients in a variety of markets. If you need a tailor-made solution? We would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch or give us a call.

Genius Surface Sealant
SP Green Tape in a Bodyshop
SP Abrasives in use
SP Green polishing cloth
Scholl Foam Pad
Scholl Concepts Neo and Orange Pad
Scholl Concepts Compund being used in the furniture industry

Scholl Concepts S17

SP Green Tape being used in a detailing studio


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