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Superior Surface Finishing Solutions
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Safe Products supplies industrial consumables and technical products that meet and exceed the highest expectations - from complete surface finishing systems to specialist surface protection. Industries we serve include Automotive OEMs, Automotive Aftermarket, Furniture, Rail, Aerospace and Marine Leisure. Benefits our product range can bring to your business include:

Outstanding Quality

Exceptional Performance

Excellent price-to-performance ratio

Advanced Technology

Cost-saving Benefits

Time-saving Advantages

Our Services

For suppliers we offer direct routes to market across a variety of industries through a network of influential distributors, resellers and OEM customers. We encourage brand loyalty, identify new routes to market, buy cost-effectively and manage stock and logistics from our centrally located UK base. We are proud of our long-standing supplier relationships, built on loyalty, trust and results.

Customers enjoy reasonable minimum order quantities, reducing in-house stock and improving cash flow. We offer healthy resale margins that can be maintained due to our geographical distribution policy - customers can sell our products on their merits, not on price alone! We offer specialist end user support, conduct product trials, training and application instruction.


Safe Products designs tailor-made sanding, polishing and surface finishing solutions to suit the needs of individual customers. We can deliver bespoke processes for new applications and improve efficiency and results of existing processes. We offer advanced and pioneering systems for use on painted surfaces, wood, GRP, carbon fibre, plastics and composites covering a range of industry sectors. We ensure results meet the highest expectations of  industrial users and deliver tangible benefits. Using our products can result in cost and time savings, reduced energy costs and decreased waste.


Our carefully chosen product portfolio from select manufacturers offers numerous advantages to customers. Bridging the gap between manufacturer and market place, our supply chain infrastructure ensures a fast, effective and cost-efficient flow of products to your door.

Leading manufacturer of comprehensive finishing solutions for a variety of surface types and industrial sectors.

Global adhesive tape manufacturer and synonymous with quality products right across the worldwide.

High tech abrasive and supplementary products for a variety of industries, including decorating & automotive.

The Car System brand creates quality products for the professional bodywork and coating sector.

Highly effective abrasives, tools, tapes, cloths and all-purpose cleaners, all formulated to our stringent requirements.

Global pneumatic tool designer and manufacturer. ISO-certified and CE-bookmarked air tools and accessories.

Our own quality products. The Genius range includes high quality abrasives, technical cloths and sealants.

A protective coating, inspired by the severe Arctic weather, to shield paint from the worst environmental elements.

Developed for use in Space, this surface protectant is now used on Earth in highly moist or corrosive working conditions.