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Superior Surface Finishing Solutions

Arctic Coating

Arctic Coating work hard to protect vehicles against the harsh elements they are exposed to during their lifetime. UV radiation makes paint fade and all kinds of dirt and grime from life on the road will degrade the quality of painted bodywork.

Based in Norway, Arctic Coating has devised a paint protection system that is able to cope with the harshest weather conditions and most damaging of roadside contaminants. 

By designing structures on a nanoscale, Arctic Coating has created a protective layer that can be compared to a layer of glass applied on top of the clear coat. 

Nano technology: This is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. As you shrink the size of any object you get more surface area. More surface area mean better coverage.  The two component system that is Arctic Coating is developed to handle very tough environments. 

Base Layer

The base coat is what creates a protective barrier between the clear coat and the outer elements. It has a hardness of 9H at the pencil test due to its Si02 process formula. This layer bonds with the paint and can only be removed by wear and tear over time. No chemicals will damage the coating.

Top Layer

To give the paint its visual enhancement and incredible water repellency we adda top coat. When people use the word 'hydrophobic' it means that liquids have a difficult time sticking to the paint and it bounces off taking the dirt with it. The top coat is also chemical resistant.