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Superior Surface Finishing Solutions

Genius Range

The Safe Products' SP Genius range includes a number of carefully selected and highly effective abrasives, technical cloths, sealants and other protection and preparation consumables. 

Genius Surface Sealant is brilliant for cars, caravans, motorhomes, and aeroplanes. Harsh weather, bird lime, dirt, grime and road salts wear and dull exterior surfaces, leaving your vehicle looking lack-luster.

 After Genius Surface Sealant has been applied, surfaces are protected, quick and easy to clean. The unique formulation of Genius Surface Sealant will shield vehicles from the effects of the sun. Its unique blend also has the highest possible UV protection built-in. 

The Genius Range also features several high quality abrasives such as the Genius Super Soft Abrasive, Genius Crystal Abrasive, Genius Brite Abrasive and Genius Purple Abrasive, as well as the Genius SuperFinish Pad range. 

Genius Lite Tack is a lightly textured technical wipe that is great for eliminating dust to ensure a clean environment.