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Superior Surface Finishing Solutions


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Primex quality abrasives are manufactured by Premines Industries, a specialist French producer of abrasives for many industries includingPainting and Decorating, Woodworking, Automotive Refinishing, Car, Bus and Truck Manufacturers, Engineering and Metalwork, and Aeronautic and Railway. 

Painting and Decorating: A complete range of abrasive products for the preparation of surfaces prior to painting, such as cleaning, roughing, sanding, scuffing and finishing. 

Woodworking: Abrasive products for the maintenance and renovation of wooden floors to the sanding of all types of wood on any size surface, from coarse abrasives to the finesse of fine sanding. 

Automotive refinishing: For partial or full body repair, the Primex abrasive range is suitable for every stage of the surface preparation and finishing process. 

Car, Bus and Truck: Full range of products to remove stock from stamping and welding and to prepare surfaces for painting and refinishing. 

Engineering and Metalwork: Primex abrasives have a wide selection of finishing products for polishing, grinding, cutting, deburring, weld dressing and scouring. 

Aeronautic and Railway: The Primex range includes abrasives for use on hulls and fuselages - whether made from composites, fibreglass or wood - and for preparation of surfaces for painting and finishing.